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Before You Send a Message to Contact Support Please Read the Information We Have Provided Below to Help You! 


Once you are logged into the  website, you can access all areas of your account by clicking on Dashboard in the menu area or by using this direct link.

Once you are logged into the website, you can change your password by using this link.

If you are logged out of the website, you can change your password by clicking the ‘Reset Password’ link on the login page.

Subscriptions can be canceled at any time by going to the Subscriptions tab under your account page and clicking the ‘Cancel’ button.

If you wish to also have your account completely removed from our platform, please send us a message.


Subscriptions can be upgraded or downgraded at any time by going to the Subscriptions tab under your account page and clicking the ‘Switch Plan’ button.

Subscriptions can be canceled at any time by going to the Subscriptions tab under your account page and clicking the ‘Cancel’ button.

By default your membership will be set to auto renew.  But have no fear.  You can easily change it to manual renew anytime by going to the Subscriptions tab under your account page and toggling the “auto renew” option off. 

Listing Features

Members are allowed to create 4 different types of listings. 

  • Business Listing
  • Non Profit Listing 
  • Events 
  • Networking Groups

If you have Calendy set up on your end, you can easily add booking functionality to your Listing by simply copying and pasting in your Calendy schedule link.

Calendy offers an easy, no-cost solution that allows others to schedule an appointment with you.

These appointments can sync up with your Google, Office 365,, Outlook, or Apple iCloud calendar.

  1. Log into your Calendly Account 
  2. Find Meeting You’d Like to Embed 
  3. Click “Copy Link” 
  4. Come back to Submit Form and Paste in the “Calendly Schedule Link” box

Listings can be found using advanced search and filtering.

Filters vary, depending on the type of Listing, but some of the more common filters include ‘Categories’, ‘Regions’, ‘and Tags/Keywords’.

We encourage Listing owners to fill out their Listings as completely as possible, in order to extend their customer reach.

Check out one of the search pages for yourself.

Listing owners can provide various details to help other members of our community make better-informed decisions.

Depending on the type of Listing, the following details are available to all Listing owners,.

    • Name
    • Tagline
    • Description
    • Profession/Specialty Category
    • County
    • Personal Recommendations (Other Members)
    • Contact Email
    • Website
    • Calendly Booking Form
    • Social Network Links
    • Logo or Headshot
    • Image Gallery
    • Introduction Video
    • Services

All Listings include a built-in contact form so people always have an easy way to reach out to Listing owners.

The email address used when signing up for the platform will be used as the default recipient address, but this can be changed at any time.

Change your email address here.

Build up your reputation by accumulating positive ratings and reviews.

Everyone has to start somewhere and may not have their reputation built up, so not having any reviews isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Members can be rated by different criteria, depending on their particular Listing Type.

Reviews are always moderated so please be patient as we approve them. 

From your account dashboard, you can easily view valuable information about your overall Listing footprint on our platform. 

The analytics are laid out in a clean, simple fashion, that’s easy to understand and digest.

Listing Views (Unique)
This is the first time a unique visitor looks at your Listing and the uniqueness is determined by looking at their IP address.

Listing Views
If a unique visitor ever looks at your Listing again, this counts as a ‘view’.

Published Listings
This is how many ‘active’ Listings you currently have on our platform.

Pending Listings
This is how many Listings are waiting to be approved by our team.

Active Promotions
This is how many of your Listings have been promoted.

It is really that simple, to have multiple Listings on our platform that might share a lot of the same information. For that, you can easily duplicate any of your existing Listings, in just a few steps.

  1. From your Listings dashboard, click the ‘Duplicate’ icon on one of your Listings.
  2. Choose the desired package to place the duplicated Listing under.
  3. Make any desired changes to what will be your new Listing.
  4. Preview your Listing and/or Submit it.

We don’t let just anyone into our community and this is to everyone’s benefit.

Everyone deserves a comfortable space to collaborate with others, get advice, etc., without constantly being solicited.

You should have received an invite to join the group via our order confirmation email.  If not, please reach out to support here. 

To help people easily reach your business or brand, the following information is available and also actionable (i.e. clickable) to make things even more convenient.

    • Contact Email (Click to Email)
    • Phone Number (Click to Call)
    • Website (Click to Browse)
    • Social Networks (Click to View)
Link directly to your own website, allowing you to get more exposure and run visitors through your own sales funnel.

Link directly to your social media networks, add additional URLS, or even your Soundcloud link to share your podcast.  

Image galleries are ideal for communicating your branding, products, services, etc., and for those that are highly visual, the right images could be what makes them ultimately choose you.

Up to 6 images can be added to an Image Gallery.

Videos uploaded to services like YouTube or Vimeo can be easily embedded into a Listing.

Regular YouTube videos (e.g. ) or YouTube Shorts (e.g. are allowed.


Listing Management

Listings are tied to a membership (i.e. subscription), so as long as a Listing subscription is active, the Listings tied to that subscription will be as well.

You must be registered as a Business Professional or Non Profit on our platform in order to submit an event.  Once you are registered you can simply click here to submit your event for review. 

Once you are logged in you will be able to access your listings in your dashboard area in order to edit them. 

Listing Promotions

Listings can easily be promoted by visiting the Listings area of your dashboard and clicking on the ‘Promote’ icon for any Listing you would like to Promote.

Listing Promotion packages are purchased separately from your membership and each package carries with it a different priority level as well as a different promotion duration.

The three type of listing promotion packages we offer are Basic, Premium and Elite.  

Still Need Help?

No problem! Just send us a message below and we will respond as soon as we can. 

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